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Created on 2013-08-07 01:24:49 (#2064527), last updated 2013-08-31 (216 weeks ago)

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all nighters, amon amarth, animals, arch enemy, aromatherapy, being human, black books, caffeine, candles, cats, cereal, children of bodom, coffee, combichrist, cooking, counter-strike, cradle of filth, crazy hats, creepy shit, crows, cthulhu, curry, dead like me, death metal, deep & meaningfuls, deftones, dethklok, diablo, dimmu borgir, djent, documentaries, doom, dota, dragons, dream theater, dungeons & dragons, elves, fallout, fantasy, first person shooters, german, guns, half-life, homestuck, in flames, indie games, information technology, insomnia, intelligence, intj, introversion, iron maiden, izzet, karnivool, killswitch engage, lamb of god, learning, legend of zelda, logic, lotr, lovecraft, magic the gathering, magicians, malkavian, mass effect, megaman, mental health, meshuggah, metalocalypse, metroid, military history, millennium trilogy, mudvayne, mythology, national geographic, necromancy, necronomicon, neil gaiman, new scientist, nine inch nails, nocturnal, non-fiction, norse mythology, otep, paranormal, peep show, philosophy, pokemon, portal, post metal, post-apocalyptic, progressive metal, psychology, psyclon nine, quite interesting, rain, real time strategy, red dwarf, roleplaying, rpgs, sci-fi, science, scp foundation, sepultura, sex, sexy wizards, shadowrun, skeletons, speed metal, spicy food, star trek, star wars, starcraft, stargate, steam, stephen fry, storms, strategy games, studio ghibli, suicide commando, system shock, tabletop gaming, team liquid, ted talks, tentacles, the crow, the elder scrolls, the mighty boosh, the young ones, thinking, tolkien, tom clancy, tool, valve, vampire the masquerade, venture brothers, video games, vikings, warcraft, warhammer 40k, warhammer fantasy, warlocks, white wolf, wine, wizards, world of darkness, writing, wumpscut, xkcd, zerg
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